What is GST registration?

                                      GST  RegistrationThe GST refers to the tax and goods tax levied on GST, Sales Tax, Service Tax, Excise Duty, etc all taxes. Your Annual Sales 20 lakhs. Your sales will be Rs. 20 lakhs, you would like to volunteer for GST registration because:

1. You can not get tax refund on purchases (e.g., if you buy items worth Rs.1 lakh in a year, 28% tax rate – you will lose a 28,000 tax refund)

2. You can not sell outside your state

GST registration usually takes 2-6 business days. Submit your application with the Department and sign with your digital signature. GST can be entered by ASTZ to provide information in Indian cities

Who needs all GST registration?

Registration pans in GST are specific and state specific. In such a state or union territory, the supplier must register at any of the places he suppliers if he fulfills any of the following conditions:

1. Annual total turnover from all-India operations, Rs. 20 lakhs (Rs 10 lakh for north-east state)

2. With regard to maximum limitation, in previous indirect taxation methods (VAT, Excise Laws, Service Tax Laws)
3. In a state that contains multiple states or multiple business vertical sections

4. Any other supply to other states

5. To pay tax under reverse charge (if your supplier is not registered under GST)

6. Need to remove the tax at source or an Input Service Distributor Supplier’s agents

7. Providing goods or services by e-commerce operator

8. The e-commerce operator / aggregator with its brand name (eg Flipkart, Amazon, Ola)

9. Provide online information and database access or retrieval services from an individual in India outside of India.

Procedure for GST registration

You can use Atoz Inform  GST registration services for which you just need to make  payment and we will take care of the rest

GST services in AtoZ Inform 

  • GST Registration / Migration

  • Free GST Software

  • ASP Services

  • GST Return

  • GST Return (Ecommerce Sellers)

  • GST Knowledge Portal